We start children when they are 3 ½ years of age, we recommend children under 4 attend a crash course before starting weekly lessons.


Our teachers are experienced in dealing with a child who is worried or nervous and are happy to introduce your child slowly into the lesson environment. We would start by encouraging the pupil to sit on poolside and watch the lesson with a parent then slowly introduce them to the water by spending some time splashing their toes while we keep the other pupils involved in the class. If a teaching helper is available they will spend some time talking to the pupil and playing with toys to encourage them gently into the pool.We will continously give praise to the pupils and make the lessons as fun as possible. We are happy for a parent to sit close to the pool and would then encourage the parent to move further away as the pupil becomes more settled. We understand that the settling in period can be quite distressing for some and would encourage you to 'stick with it'.

We would encourage you to go swimming as a family and have fun in the pool to enable the pupil to show their newly acquired skills (however small) to other family members.

Young children who are finding the environment upsetting are given three weeks to settle, if there is no improvement we will ask you to take them out of the lessons. Credits for the remainder of the term will be given only if the child has previously attended a crash course.

 We are happy to discuss problems settling either via email or telephone, however we are unable to hold discussions at the pool during a lesson as we have the other pupils and lessons to consider.

The teachers assess all pupils during the first and last two weeks of a term. This ensures the pupils are progressing well and that they are placed in correctly balanced classes to progress and also helps us to see whether we have any teaching issues.

Our teachers work from the same Seals assessment structure and awards scheme. We focus on technique during our assessment. Therefore a child who is swimming 10m of front paddle with thier arms staying in the water will be assessed differently from a child who can complete 10m swimming the first 3m as front crawl with their arms recovering over the water.

Once the assessments are complete they are given to the office and entered into the pool management system. If there is a change in assessment we may need to change your child's class time/teacher and these are emailled to the parents automatically.

Please see http://www.sealsswimming.co.uk/content/seals-swimming-lesson-structure.

We assess our pupils at the beginning and the end of each term and when we make these assessments we are looking primarily at the swimming technique. We expect a pupil to progress on average one Seals level every two terms. As the pupils progress through our stages they will have elements of the strokes to master, particularly with Breaststroke. It may well be that a pupil is stronger at one stroke than another and we feel it is best to keep the pupil where they are to revise over the weaker stroke again.

We check through all teacher assessments to ensure the continuity of assessment methods and also to identify any teaching issues.

Once our pupils reach a Seals 7 they are able to swim 25m+ front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke with good technique and have a good grasp of water skills.

The pupils are ready to move onto a bigger pool to develop further. The pools we use are small teaching pools we do not currently have a 25m pool available for us to use. We therefore recommend they move onto a larger pool to develop their stamina when swimming. Many of our pupils go on to join a swimming club, rookie lifeguarding club or triathlon club.