Frequently Asked Questions

Why do lessons get cancelled and will the missed lesson be refunded?

The pools that Seals Swimming Ltd use are school teaching pools which are used throughout the day. They are carefully tested and monitored each day, we therefore know the water we are swimming and teaching in is clean and safe. Occasionally contamination of the pool can occur from swimmer illness or chemical levels are not correct and the pool may need to close. Frequently we have only and hour or two's notice. We will always try to contact everyone in the affected classes to advise of the problem and save you the journey. We apologise if we do not managed to contact you in time.

Whenever a cancellation happens the lesson will be made up, however, if this is not possible then the lesson will be deemed ‘lost’. If a pool is closed for a period which means two or more lessons would be ‘lost’, credits are given for the second and subsequent lost lessons during the following term. We always schedule a spare week into our term to be used in the event of a closure. These dates are advertised at the start of each term, no refunds will be given if your child cannot attend any advertised lesson date.

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