The swimming pools Seals Swimming Ltd teach at are small teaching pools owned by schools that they hire to us during evenings, at weekends and in the school holidays.

The size and temperature of the pools make them an excellent environment for teaching beginners to improvers.

The Grove Pool is 8m x 6m and has a shallow end of 0.6m and a deep end of 1.1m.

The Granta Pool is 10m x 5m and has one depth of 1.2m throughout.

The pools are run and maintained by the individual schools and their site managers who are assisted by Seals Swimming management. Seals have an excellent working relationship with both school teams and appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping the pools at a high standard.

Please help us to maintain this working relationship by respecting school property while at the pools and parking considerately when arriving for lessons. If you have a premises problem to report please inform a member of Seals Swimming Staff or email the Seals Swimming Office and the site managers will be contacted accordingly.