Frequently Asked Questions

My child's lesson time has changed, Why?

Teachers assess ALL pupils at the end of each term when completing the awards testing, these assessments are then entered into our system to allow us to plan the following term's class schedules. We re-plan our class schedules every term according to teacher assessment, siblings, age etc.

Your child's class time may change each term. As a general rule we offer our early class times to the younger children and as your child gets older and progresses through our ability levels the classes become later.

During the first two weeks of a term the teachers re-assess the classes to ensure they are balanced and work well. We usually have to make some changes to the classes at the beginning of a term. This is may be because there is a stronger or weaker swimmer in one class who would be best suited in another to improve the teaching environment for ALL children.

Changes to class times once a term has started are done after consultation with the teachers and afetr careful consideration of abilities, sibling and ages. Changes are made to ensure the smooth running of the classes and to ensure the best possible learning environment for all children.