Frequently Asked Questions

My child has special educational needs

Please advise us of any health/learning problems such as deafness, speech/understanding difficulties before enrolling as this enables us to place your child in the appropriate class and enables the teacher to discuss different strategies we can use to help the lessons run smoothly.

If you are a parent of a child with learning difficulties or special needs. please speak to us before you enrol. Children with special educational needs are welcome where possible at all our venues, although we do not employ specially trained staff. Seals Swimming Ltd integrates these children into our regular classes. Extra time is needed to ensure the children are able to deal with the lesson, and to gain the same benefit as the other children.

We may recommend a different pool, possibly one with smaller classes or where there may be two teachers. This would be to ensure safety and enable the teacher to keep all the pupils in the class on task.

We recommend specialist teachers once your child can be taught with the teacher out of the water.

We are happy to take children with special educational needs as long as their inclusion does not cause disruption or safety concerns within the class. We must reserve the right to remove from our lessons any child that causes disruption or compromises safety regardless of disability, special need or otherwise.

Safety at all times is our paramount concern.